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Feeling Grateful? Try It Now!

Indeed we have a lot to be grateful for…a perfect piece and a must read ! Advertisements

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Old Is Not Counted By The Number Of Candles On Your Cake. Old is Counted By The Numbers Of Moments You Got A Chance To Smile And You Didn’t.

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The “I-Need-Something” Friends !!

Lately I realized the importance of a good friend. I mean we are surrounded by many fake so-called-friends lately. We know scores and scores of people , yet we feel … Continue reading

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The Deadly Social Site fever !

We are enslaved by the Social sites monster, it seems. yes , Facebook , I mean you !!.It is an addiction and an infection. For as you see , we … Continue reading

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Have A Break ,Take A Breath And Say Hello To Life !

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A perfect piece !!

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Happiness Is Having Less Than Others And Feeling Grateful. Misery Is Having More Than Everyone ,Yet Wanting What Others Have. !!!

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