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Why Do We Pretend !?


Why do we pretend ?

Why we all have “the other us” persona ?

Lately having different personas and multiple ways , has been taxing on my nerves. I had to be in the happy and outgoing facade with some friends while with others I had to get into the wise and almost parental.

We make up personas as we go along. We do this to survive in this world. To be more exact , we do this to fit into society. We all from different countries and speak different languages , yet the situation remains the same. We are confined by boundaries set by the society we live in. We let people shape us into becoming something we are not.

Some of you , dear readers , might have those thoughts. Some of you might tried to make someone understand a feeling or a problem you going through. Only to be met by either a cold rejection or a pat on the back and a shrug. We always smile and put our feelings behind a wall. And that’s just an example. I am sure also many of you had met the type of people who only use terms like friendships and love when needed. As I said in my previous posts , those people are poisonous. We give up almost daily on ourselves to deal with others.

Personally , I have the funny version, the helpful version, the crazy version of myself. The moment the sad or slightly unhappy version comes out, people freak out and run away like olympic runners. Maybe even faster !

We blame them for this. But actually , it is us. We are the reason to make them push us that way. I mean we should be used to standing up for ourselves and our feelings. Saying ” yes, I am sad. I have problems. I don’t feel like smiling and yes I want you to care and listen to my feelings ” should sound simple enough.

But we all are tongue tied. we fake our smiles, shrug our feeling and put the real us in a bottle.

When will the real us come out freely ?!
When will people understand it is not always about them ?!
When will the time come when people treat other people as they like to be treated ?!

The girl in tight shoe.


5 comments on “Why Do We Pretend !?

  1. Maryam
    August 13, 2012

    Salaam! Nice thoughts…At times I feel this too.
    Those questions you’ve put at the end, I’ve had the same questions too.
    Later I realized that the problem is not with those who try to hide their sadness and troubles. It’s with those who don’t understand you. Probably they are just self-obsessed people are just too busy to notice your fake smiles and silent tears. Either we should not expect much from such friends or give them more time… 🙂

    • fatma in tight shoe
      August 13, 2012

      Finally someone who agrees with me , high 5 maryam 😀
      And i agree completely on your last point , it is them who make us this way and we shloudnt bother with such people anymore. We should take a stand to prove ourselves and either change or get rid of those people 🙂

      • Maryam
        August 14, 2012

        *High5*…Totally! I’ll go with not bothering myself much with such people, but cant get rid of that someone …maybe i’ll try to change that someone inshaAllah! 😀

      • fatma in tight shoe
        August 15, 2012

        Inshallah you will 😉

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