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The “I-Need-Something” Friends !!


Lately I realized the importance of a good friend. I mean we are surrounded by many fake so-called-friends lately. We know scores and scores of people , yet we feel alone as we are in an empty room. Yesterday , I sarcastically said to a friend that I feel like I am living in my mind. Yet , it has some truth to it.

It is not because we are closed and uptight , I know I am not. So this can’t be the problem. The problem here is those people who pretend they are your buddies and will always be there for you , but the moment the axe drops , you will look back and viola no one is there!

My two best friends are away , we all split up because of us being in different universities and getting different majors. It is really hard when the person who understand you the most are away. The only contact between us now is phone calls and texts.

So I am basically stuck with the so-called friends or let’s call them the I-need-something friends. I am sure , dear reader , that you had meet some of those friends. Those are people who only remember you only they need something or ask for a favor.


While the girl in the picture can stand it , I really can’t. Those “friends” has been going on my nerves a lot lately. It has been getting annoying to be taken advantage of. It has been getting annoying to be awaken in the middle of the night by a call asking for a favor from somebody who wouldn’t do the same. Annoying to help , yet never hear the word of thank you. Annoying be considered as a back up in case of need. Yet , every time you start getting closer , they put up walls and barriers.

Being subjected to this kind of “friends” is poisonous. Friends is supposed to be kind , generous and caring. I have experienced the bless of a friend who understand what’s wrong with me even while I am smiling and giving the world my cheeriest smile. A friend who can complete the same thought you are thinking of.

Maybe I am spoiled by the care or those true friends for so long that I forgot how some people may view friendship as a business deal or an arrangement to have fun and chill. People should evaluate their lives and objectives. Other people are not toys , other people have feelings too. Consider that before you use someone based on friendship.

But as usual ” life happen” and people never stay the same. Picking friends maybe a hard job but keeping and holding to a really good friends seems even harder. For those good friends are rare nowadays.

The girl in tight shoe.



3 comments on “The “I-Need-Something” Friends !!

  1. Lee Weishar
    August 3, 2012

    Very true. I’ve had many of those and I’m so happy to have found a community of people who think differently. Don’t stop looking, good friends are out there! It just takes a little bit of work and a little bit of time being good friends to others to find them 🙂

    • fatma in tight shoe
      August 3, 2012

      It indeed needs work. Thanks for commenting , it is great to find people with the same view. 😀

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