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The Perfect Why !!!


Why we can’t have more money ?!
Why did she leave !?
Why he cheated on me ?!
Why am I fat/thin/short/tall …. !?

We utter many whys as we go along in our life. The word is indeed heard everywhere we go. From workplaces , clubs , locker rooms and even in nurseries. “why” is a word so small yet conveys lots of hidden anguish and emotions. For a small why of those can be a window to someone’s soul.

Most of us has this “why” phase , where we say a lot of those. In the spirit of youth ,we push those to the side thinking we have enough time to find out answers later. But there comes a point when we sit down with heads in our hands and wonder what and where has those whys got us.

But sometimes one can’t help but notice that we are abusing the “why”. It is used in expressing the less important things. Some of this abuse is the examples given.


The word should be used to motivate ourselves and push us to higher levels. A why should be step and a food for thought. Idle thinking while blaming life and asking why will lead us nowhere in particular.

Those abused whys should turn to something like “why am instill stuck in the same job I hate ? ” , “why the person in the mirror is different , yet achingly familiar ?!” or “why I don’t always say what I feel and keep bottling it inside ?!”.

A perfect why is what we should seek and find. A why that has answers that are practical. A why to change our lives.

The girl in tight shoe.


4 comments on “The Perfect Why !!!

  1. promr1
    July 23, 2012


  2. The Poetic Writer
    July 23, 2012

    This is excellent, and I know “WHY”, good writing

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