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HELP !! Save Me From This Heat !!


That is probably what you all are thinking inside while walking the streets at noon. I mean this heat wave is awful. It almost feel like someone up there forgot the flame open and left us all to sweat ourselves off.
We remove as many clothes articles as possible and hang around beaches or go walk in air conditioned malls. But have you wondered why ??!.
Yes , the answer is Global warming.
The earth is heating up due to all the carbon dioxide produced by us. The source of this carbon dioxide is mainly fuels and pollutants of certain industries. This carbon dioxide interfere with the atmosphere layers causing the infrared (IR) wave to be reflected back to the surface of the earth. In a nutshell , Heat is trapped .
Some of you must be thinking now “what to be done , it is the government business not ours !!. While yes I agree the government should take firm actions to stop the heat from taking over us. Yet , we as individuals have a very important rules to save ourselves and put an end to the increase in this catastrophe. Simple changes in our life style can suffice.

change your light bulb. LIGHT BLUB WHAT!!. Yes , your regular light bulbs increase the greenhouse gases. Replace them with a CFL and save up to $30 over its life-time.
Reduce.Recycle. Throw the recyclable stuff you have around in your house in the proper places. Don’t laze , it reduce the emission of the gas by 2400 pound of CO2
Buy energy efficient products. Try reading labels and research items before buying them. Some items we buy can be replaced by green and more environment product , cars for examples.
I introduce you the “off” button. Save the electricity and water around. Turn off TV and light while leaving the room. Make sure water faucets are not leaking. Those are vital sources , take care handling them.
Drive less. As previously mentioned , he main source of the warming is the gases produced from the byproducts of burning of fuels. Drive less. Use public transportation more. Pool in one car instead of driving separately.
Start a garden project. Plant a tree in your back yard. Plant few herbs in your balcony. The plants use the carbon dioxide , thus reduce the gas from the atmosphere.
Fill the dish washer to the full. Yup, the dishwasher produce carbon dioxide and use lots of much needed electricity. Only run it on full load.
Finally encourage other to conserve energy.

Many many articles , post and blogs have been written on this topic. I know I did a poor job compared to others but it is a massage to all of us that small things matter. Our earth cries for help. Save it and reduce this heat.



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