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Give away , Give Hope !!

The other day , i was checking my closet for clothes to wear. I looked at my almost full closet and i was irritated. Why ?! , because i was so unhappy that i have nothing new to wear. As i said it was almost full with all types of shirts , pants , dresses and bags but i was not satisfied. So, i did the most natural thing we all do and complained that i don’t have anything good to wear and i want new outfits.

Fortunately for me , my mother was present at that time. she held a pair of pants and asked me how many times i wore those. I answered confidently only 2 times. She smiled and said ”those clothes you see old and unattractive , many many children and women would be wishing for now”. I was silenced.

Indeed , her words touched me deeply. For sometimes we drown in own world and forget that others might wish for even only half of what we got so easily. So here i say , thank god for his many many gifts to us that we are ungrateful for.

But those words did not only touched me , it set me to take actions. Actions to help , to aid. I looked at my closet in a different light , i realized i don’t need all those clothes. Some of them was totally inappropriate even.So , i threw all the clothes inside to the floor and started separating what i use and what i really don’t need. In case you hadn’t guessed , the unneeded ones are given away.

The moral here is we should realize the gift we are in and share this gift we have. How many of us have closet full of clothes that is out dated and old ?!.  How many times we throw away food because it already expired in our cupboards and fridges ?!. How many money we spend on things we don’t use or need ??!!

Going to a grocery , buying a load of food then giving them to a family you know that has financial difficulties is a simple example of giving away. If you dont have the time and resources , there’s many organisations that are there to help you do this faster. Search for a one near by and share.

Clothes helps kids like these smile. Medicines helps others to survive and see another day. money might help them learn their alphabets. Food quench the burn of hunger inside their little bodies. Give away , give them hope. 

The girl in tight shoe.


5 comments on “Give away , Give Hope !!

  1. quantumtheory
    July 14, 2012

    Every year, I give away the clothes I don’t need. It’s really awesome seeing those kids smile when they get the clothes.

  2. livetilldeath95
    July 14, 2012

    This was really touching. I have just sent my unneeded clothing away to a charity for the children who really need clothes – thank you for being inspiring and truthful.

  3. iamsofree
    July 30, 2012

    good for you…., very touching indeed….

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