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Am I You , She Or They ??!!

Usually , when a baby is born , people flock around and say ”oooh she looks exactly as her grandma” and another replies ”no, that face  is a copy from her dad”. Later  when that child reaches 3 or 4 years old , those comments change to ‘she talks like her mum at that age” and ”he looks exactly like his brother”. After that when kids go to school and start getting abit harder to manage , the comments change again to ”it must be his friends influencing him that way” or ”her boyfriend is telling her to do this”. Even when a person reach the age of 40 , comments fly everywhere in every gathering.

I used to find them extremely annoying. Usually , i smile tightly and reply excuse me , i am me , i may look like my father but i am not him”. But then i started to see some truth in those opinions and comments. I noticed that i do my hair the exact way of mum’s sometimes , i speak like my friends and i think like my dad other times ( the horror !! )

Every human is influenced by something. As a child , it is usually a parent or a relative. But then as our life circle expand , our idol change constantly , from a singer to a public icon ( many go for opera as an icon for example ) or even to a character in a movie or a book.

Those people who has the power to change or influence you is mostly people really close to you or people who touch and relate to you inside. A small frequent influences that we are subjected to everyday. So small that we dont even notice them. How many times did you get opinions about fashion , music and life from the people you know that changed your personal taste ?!. Even media like TV and internet have a major influence nowadays.

Till a very near date , i was certain that i was not much influenced by any factor except myself. As i said i am myself only and i think my way. But i started to really notice the small things that happen in my life. Recently , i  bought a new dress that i really liked , then when i showed it to my mum she was like ”that makes you look too tall , dont wear it much” , so i put it back in the closet and wore my jeans. See how can an opinion from one of those people change one’s whole decisions.

That got me to think , are we really a unique productions of  just ourselves or we are an accumulation of  different people in our lives ?. Personally , i never really found that answer. Maybe someday i will or maybe i wont. But yet my mind wonders aimlessly , are we who we think we are  or are we tiny parts of our parents , friends , environment and even media  rolled into one person ?!!


5 comments on “Am I You , She Or They ??!!

  1. quantumtheory
    July 12, 2012

    yes, we are unique like everybody else…
    but what we are now, has been influenced by a lot of things.
    We become molded into what we are by the experiences that happened to us and people around us.
    You can compare this to a cockatail. Having a little bit of different people in us, makes us somewhat of a unique cocktail, having different flavors all tolled into one, but at the same time tasting unique, don’t you think…

    • fatma in tight shoe
      July 12, 2012

      woow , i guess you just gave me the answer. thank you for commenting , the cocktail example is great.

  2. livetilldeath95
    July 14, 2012

    I just finished school. I feel like getting away from my peers has been a life saver. I was getting to caught up in little things and being influenced too much by others ideas on fashion, smoking, how much work to do etc etc. I believe that to understand ones self we must indulge in ones self away from others. Next time someone influences you on for example, clothing – do not change your mind. Go back up to your room and look at the dress. Remember why you bought it and wear you want to wear it. Then go downstairs and tell your mum why you bought it and where you plan to wear it. My mum always comments on my ideas of the colour I desire to dye my hair. She says that I would find it hard to get a boyfriend. I reply that it is my hair and I want a boy who likes my hair. xxx

    • fatma in tight shoe
      July 15, 2012

      i feel the same way ,that people comment and judge too much that i want to get away.
      but dont change your hair as you said if the boy didnt like it the way it is then you dont need him 🙂
      and thank you for commenting , nice to find people who thinks the same way as i do 😀

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