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Letter Return To Sender !!

Someone once told me if you want to know your faults and mistakes , write a letter to yourself. Imagine you are 20 years older than you are now and view yourself critically and write .

This might actually seem like a crazy stupid idea but no harm trying ( other than looking utterly foolish of course). So humor me people , here i am trying to write a letter to myself.


Dear myself ,

Hello, this is the person 20 years older in time and a million old in experience.

I know you are now expecting a load of ranting , throwing regrets and blames about stuff i am not proud of. But no , this is not what this letter contain. At the moment , i am feeling kind of weird writing this while speaking to you but it is something that should be done somehow. This is a message to you. A message to help you survive this world better and come out stronger.

Life , at some points , may seem hard and unfair. The people around might not always hold your best interest at heart. Don’t be discouraged , not everyone is there to help , that’s why you always have yourself there. Don”t forget that little soul inside , it shines and glisten for you.

Now friends. Friends , my dear , is the wall behind your back. Build it carefully and pour love into every inch of that wall because i grantee you that you will lean on the wall countless times. Choose your friends wisely and hand pick them from those so-called-friends. A friend is a one who support you in all times , see the sadness in your eyes while the whole world is fooled , hug you when they first see you and hit you on the head playfully and call you the worst names in the book for no reason. If you found such people , hold on to them for dear life.

Family. I can almost see you rolling your eyes now but  in your peak of youth with thousands of friends around , family is pushed into the sidelines. Later when life take its toll on you , those so called friends wont be there , only your family will always always find their way back to you while you are down. Value them , respect them and a phone call every weekend will be nice.

Love will be lost and lovers will cheat , lose interest and hurt you. But never lose faith in love and dont give me that mocking look while you read this. I know that you are wondering what love is or what is the whole point of going through such painful experience. While as it hurts , it builds a new heart that is stronger and bolder. But this is not a permission to hug bad possibilities to your heart. Be careful , be free and it will find its way back to you.

Take care of yourself and no i don”t mean put more make up or go buy that yellow strappy high heels you had your eyes on. Eat more healthy. Dont say ”yuuuuuk” and put your tongue out to everything green. Lay off the pizza please. Exercise more. Don’t go to bed with your eye makeup on. But most important , put your sunscreen on woman !!

Finally  keep your head up , your mouth smiling , your heart shining and that walk of yours swinging.

P.S , buy more lipstick , that thing is cool.

The girl in tight shoe after 20 years.


2 comments on “Letter Return To Sender !!

  1. fadedfairytale
    July 8, 2012

    I absolutely love this! I may have to try it myself! 🙂

    • fatma in tight shoe
      July 9, 2012

      thank you very much. and yes try it and tell me how it went with you. but try to be obective as much as you can , get some opinions about yourself from close people to help too.:)

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