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where thoughts twirls and waltz

Searching Someone !

This is poem that i personally like. But since i am not a poet and i cant rhyme two words together if my life was at stake . This poem is made by a friend that i consider special to me. Thank you for allowing me to steal your words , you know who you are.

searching someone

I need someone to know my whole life story

Someone to stay on my worse and my glory

Someone who doesn’t care how to flatter

Someone who care about me not my matter

Someone who consider loving me as a mission

Someone having different opinion but no collision

Someone who can take my life to another level

Someone accepting my fact when I’m a devil

Someone who would swear will never go away

Someone doesn’t always have excuses to say

Someone who would join me even if I’m in hell

Someone who see my mistakes and ring my bell

Someone who can get tougher than a rock

Someone who make me daily active like a clock

Someone who see me perfect in his sight

Someone who i can make his life bright

Someone through darkness I’m his only light

Someone who always keeps a smile on his face

Someone who i would thank god for him as a grace

I thought that someone finally approached my life

Someone reached my heart and stabbed a knife

Seems that someone wasn’t someone i searched

Someone got my emotion and reality merged

Someone maybe was good but caused me pain

Someone left so i have to stand and search again

I really need at least or just one from someone

Until then i have to live my life as me just one..


2 comments on “Searching Someone !

  1. RisingSun
    July 12, 2012

    I love it ❤

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