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Memories of a little girl

a silence falls across the room as all occupants file out slowly. one by each loved one , she watches them leave yet she do nothing to stop any from going away . Who is that old lady sitting in the high backed chair with a straight back and tight lips ?. why is she letting everyone just go so easily ?

Those were the questions uttered by the mind of of a seven years old girl . the mind that cant yet comprehend the fact that actually people leave. That differences over silly matters cause people to drift apart. the small pure mind that dont imagine a best friend stabbing his dearest in the back for a few monetry values then somehoe sleeping soundly at night with nay a regret.

she was a little girl living in her innocent small world with the cookie crumbling dusting her floor , barbie is her idol and the air smells of sumshine and happiness. But now after facing the loss and pain of the world , after growing tougher and learning how to put her guard up , she looks back and remember that old lady of her childhood.

How different has the world changed that little girl’s eyes. the lady in the happiness of youth looked out of place and foreign.  Now however , the lady could not be even more at place. Avoiding the world and living in her little home is her forte. A forte she excelled in and became her whole world. The old lady avoided heartbreak , disappointment and misery when she took loneliness as her companion.

i , now , see that the air no longer smell of sunshine no more.


One comment on “Memories of a little girl

  1. Mennah M
    July 1, 2012

    I love ♥

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